Capital District Jazz presents:
"Jazz at the Spring" featuring
Miche Fambro

Who: Capital District Jazz Presents
What: Jazz concert with Miche Fambro
When: Thursday, February 28 at 7:30 PM
Where: Spring St Gallery, 110 Spring St., Saratoga Springs, NY
Tickets: $15.00

Jazz at the Spring is presenting the wonderfully talented Miche’ Fambro on February 28. Gifted with a silky- smooth voice often compared to Nat King Cole’s, and a jazz-meets-flamenco guitar style, Fambro blends voice and guitar to create a rich jazz tapestry that seamlessly incorporates elements of pop, funk and classical music, to create a soundscape of soothing complexity. Miche’ Fambro is a refreshing breath of musical air in a world that needs joyous, healing music.

Mark Kleinhaut, curator of Jazz at the Spring says, “I have been an admirer of Miche’ Fambro for years. He is an amazing musician. While you're enthralled by Miche’s captivating singing, his guitar playing sneaks up on you--like a cat--out of nowhere. Miche’ is entirely focused on his singing seemingly paying no attention to his guitar which appears to magically be playing itself. Then Bam! Miche delivers an amazing cascade of virtuosic guitar riffs, these beautiful melodies. What Miche’ plays on guitar is surprising in the best possible way, and it all seems so easy and effortless.” Fambro’s brilliant melding of straight ahead, flamenco and percussive modern playing is even more impressive given that he's playing left handed, but with the strings turned upside down as if he picked up a regular right-handed guitar and just flipped it over, no doubt what he did as a kid. This makes everything backwards from what guitarists normally do, like playing bass notes with their thumbs. Nevertheless, Fambro’s technique is extraordinary. Fambro, who Rolling Stone called "a quiet storm," has toured extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe and will be joined by bassist Otto Gardner. We look forward to adding Miche’ Fambro to the roster of fabulous players who have graced the stage at Jazz at the Spring.

Bassist Otto Gardner is a stalwart of the jazz scene in upstate NY as well as playing, teaching, and recording throughout the Northeast, California and Canada. He appeared in NYC on engagements with Franklin Kiermyer’s “Scatter all Atoms”, performing recently at Dizzy’s Cocoa Cola and Smalls. Gardner is a founding member of Schenectady’s Empire Jazz Orchestra, in which he has played for more than 22 years, along with such Jazz Master guests as Jimmy Heath, Lou Soloff, Curtis Fuller, Rufus Reid, and Benny Golson. Additionally, he has played with scores of artists including James Spalding, J. R. Montrose, Arthur Rhames, Buddy Greco, Margaret Whiting, Hal Galper, Nick Brignola, Randy Brecker, Lee Shaw, and Lincoln Mayorga. Since 2010, Otto has been an adjunct professor in the Jazz Department of Bard College. With his unique and daring approach, Otto has the uncanny ability to make the music feel deeply rooted and swinging at the same time as very free and open. His sound is strong, warm and heartfelt.

Jazz at the Spring is held the last Thursday of each month at the Spring Street Gallery, Saratoga Springs, and is sponsored by Capital District Jazz, Ltd. (CDJ) a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization formed by practitioners and fans who love jazz music. American in origin, jazz reaches and draws from millions of performers and listeners around the globe who are inspired by its rich history, excited by its technical complexity, and moved by its emotional depth. The members of CDJ want to share their love of jazz with current and potential performers and enthusiasts throughout the "Capital District". CDJ's mission is to build and serve a wider audience for jazz through education; to create performance opportunities for jazz musicians; and to develop venues for these pursuits. CDJ supports All Ears: Jazz and Improvised Music Workshop, which is a fun hands-on way for students of all ages to learn about jazz.

CDJ is offering a number of free tickets for youth age 17 and under. If you are interested in obtaining a free ticket please inquire via email Tickets are available in advance at: brown paper tickets:


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